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Procedures of Mayonnaise production

STEP 1: Resources

All lots of resources and ingredients are checked and quality controlled before the input. All check points and level including micro-bio, physical, chemicals standards; unqualified ingredients and resources are rejected and returned to providers. Establishing the solution to prevent using expired and unqualified resources during manufacturing.

STEP 2: Preparation

All employees have knowledgeable training about Food safety and hygiene yearly checking, therefore every regulations on personal hygiene and food safety in factory always strictly followed and conducted.
All employees must follow the regulations before entering manufacturing section following below orders:

  • -cover the hair, clean uniform, wearing mask.
  • -dust rolling.
  • -personal hygiene and health check judgement into checking sheet.
  • -wash the hands
  • -Alcohol cleaning and going through air blowing room to clear all dust.

All equipment and tools must be cleaned and sanitaring before use.

STEP 3: Mixing process

Installing the filter equipment at end of mixing process of raw materials during Mayonnaise processing steps before moving to end process of mixing in order to remove all mixed substances and curio in the materials.
At the end of mixing process, Mayonnaise will be flowed by very high pressure into a filer set which are made by stainless steel, with very small holes.
The size of oil seed similarily that keep emulsification process better and keep the products’ structure more sustainable in purpose of bringing perfect flavor to Mayonnaise.

STEP 4: Extracting, Pouring and packaging

Using an automization system which provide similar pouring into bottle.
The lit is covered and sealed automactically by using microwave heating pressure with one kind action. Therefore bringing the sealing quality for all products. Finally is a packaging process.