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Hãy cùng tìm hiểu về Mayonnaise

1. We raise chickens with specialized poultry feed

6 vital factors in chicken rations:

  • - Protein that helps regenerate amino acids.
  • - Fat is absorbed into the body to produce hormones of blood cells.
  • - Fiber reduces blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • - Vitamins and minerals (contain Na, Ca, Mg).
  • - Starch helps to convert protein in the body.
  • - Water, a key component of metabolism.

2. Bring smooth feeling in every drop of Mayonnaise

Eggs, vinegar, oil are used in processing Mayonnaise. Pure oil seeds insoluble in water.
Only egg yolks allow the oil to mix with water, but the size should be small enough to emulsify favorably.
So Kewpie Mayonnaise always keeps the size of Mayonnaise drops from 1/1000 to 4/ 1000mm in order to give a smooth feeling to every drop of Mayonnaise.

3. One of the detractors of the Mayonnaise is the oil extraction process

Once the vegetable oil is separated from the Mayonnaise, the taste will not be as good as before.
This is why Kewpie uses a special bottle made of polyethylene.
As a result, the Mayonnaise is well-preserved from the outside air, helping the Mayonnaise to retain its full flavor.

4. Mayonnaise remains the best taste

After 2 weeks of being produced, the extracted egg yolk is transformed into Peptide and Amino Acid that help preserve, completely flavor of the Mayonnaise.
Using egg yolks and white yolk for processing mayonnaise will not achieve high results.