Magical Kewpie Sauces

Kewpie sauces with magical flavor provide you tasty feelings in every meals.

For Family

Mayonnaise series
Supplement food

Mayonnaise Sweet Taste

Mayonnaise Japanese Style

Mayonnaise Japanese Style 1/2 (Reduced Fat)

Mayonnaise 1/2 (Reduced Fat)

Tar Tar sauce

Chili and Mon An Viet sauce

Cheese Flavored sauce for bread

Pepper sauce for bread

Roasted Sesame sauce

Dressing Sweet & Sour

Dressing Spicy Cheese

Dressing Caesar

Dressing Sesame Soy sauce

Dressing Roasted Sesame

Egg shell Calcium sauce

For Business

Mayonnaise: Function series
HORECA series
Vinegar series
Other sauces

Mayonnaise Base Type

Heat&Freeze-resistant Mayonnaise (NoMSG)

Heat&Freeze-resistant Tar Tar sauce (No MSG)

Mayonnaise Japanese Style (HORECA)

Mayonnaise Base Type (HORECA)

Tar Tar sauce (HORECA)

Thousand Island sauce (HORECA)

Wasabi Favored Mayo (HORECA)

Sushi seasoning

Rice improver

Seasoning sauce for SHIMESABA

Salted Vinegar

BBQ sauce


PIZZA sauce

Marinade Base Type

Tuna Spread