With experience and history of producing the Mayonnaise for almost 100 years, we understand the taste of consumers. Therefore, the Kewpie Mayonnaise is made with special taste, bringing deliciousness to every meal.


Selected from the freshest and the most nutritious eggs, by keeping long-term relationship with professional chicken farms and issues involved in poultry food safety of chicken are strictly managed and controlled.

Vegetable oil

Using vegetable oil which mainly used for food processing, selected from processed oil manufacturer which certified by high-quality class, and recognized by Japanese specialists.


Produced by types of vinegar which specially used for Kewpie Mayonnaise.

Procedures of Mayonnaise production

All employees have knowledgeable training about Food safety and hygiene yearly checking, therefore every regulations on personal hygiene and food safety in factory always strictly followed and conducted.

All employees must follow the regulations before entering manufacturing section following below orders:

  • cover the hair, clean uniform, wearing mask.
  • dust rolling.
  • personal hygiene and health check judgement into checking sheet.
  • wash the hands
  • Alcohol cleaning and going through air blowing room to clear all dust.

All equipment and tools must be cleaned and sanitaring before use.

1. Ingredients

All lots of resources and ingredients are checked and quality controlled before the input. All check points and level including micro-bio, physical, chemicals standards; unqualified ingredients and resources are rejected and returned to providers. Establishing the solution to prevent using expired and unqualified resources during manufacturing.

2. Mixing process

Installing the filter equipment at end of mixing process of raw materials during Mayonnaise processing steps before moving to end process of mixing in order to remove all mixed substances and curio in the materials.
At the end of mixing process, Mayonnaise will be flowed by very high pressure into a filer set which are made by stainless steel, with very small holes.
All oil particles are uniformly sized, which helps emulsification process.
Therefore, it enables to keep the sustainability of the whole product structure.
This realizes perfect flavor of Mayonnaise.

3. Extracting, Pouring and packaging

Using an automization system which provide similar pouring into bottle. The lid is covered and sealed automatically by using microwave heating pressure with one kind action. Therefore we can keep stable quality for all products.
Eggs preserved in factory's cooling area
Mayonnaise processing
Package seal. Sealing and metal checking.
The bottle is covered with aluminium film to prevent the air.

Core manners in producing Kewpie Mayonnaise

Egg yolks separation

Eggs is one of three important factors to produce Mayonnaise. Before using, eggs must be actually cleaned, then separate egg yolk and white yolk. Eggs separated with speed at 200 eggs/minute by Kewpie’s high-class egg separator.

Stage of converting smooth and soft form

Mixing vinegar, other ingredients into egg yolks, then slowly add in an amount of vegetable oil, mixing and emulsification process conducted to be transformed into smooth as milk. And after that, oil elements are dissolved until Mayonnaise reached high smooth level that brings tasty feeling.

Rich flavor

In order to bring rich flavor to Kewpie Mayonnaise, we have researched for long time to create various flavors, combine with using productive ingredients from Vietnamese style that launched to market a series of products directed to the culinary culture of the Vietnamese.

No colorants and disinfectants

Mayonnaise with ingrdients and Vinegar are antiseptic, so it can control the growth of microorganisms. By professional processing techniques, we do not need to use colorants and disinfectants. Therefore Kewpie Mayonnaise is really safe to use.

Secrets of the Kewpie Mayonnaise

Kewpie Mayonnaise is our key product and it is loved by Japanese since 1925

We raise chickens with specialized poultry feed

6 vital factors in chicken rations

Protein that helps regenerate amino acids

Fat is absorbed into the body to produce hormones of blood cells.

Fiber reduces blood sugar and cholesterol.

Vitamins and minerals (contain Na, Ca, Mg).

Starch helps to convert protein in the body.

Water, a key component of metabolism.

Bring smooth texture in every drop of Mayonnaise

Eggs, vinegar, oil are used in processing Mayonnaise. Pure oil seeds insoluble in water.

Only egg yolks allow the oil to mix with water, but the size should be small enough to emulsify favorably.

So Kewpie Mayonnaise always keeps the size of Mayonnaise drops from 1/1000 to 4/ 1000mm in order to give a smooth texture to every drop of Mayonnaise.

The comparison between types of mayonnaise

KEWPIE Mayonnaise

Handmade Mayonnaise

One of the detractors of the Mayonnaise is the oil extraction process

Once the vegetable oil is separated from the Mayonnaise, the taste will not be as good as before.

This is why Kewpie uses a special bottle made of polyethylene. As a result, the Mayonnaise is well-preserved from the outside air, helping the Mayonnaise to retain its full flavor.

Mayonnaise remains the best taste

After 2 weeks of being produced, the extracted egg yolk is transformed into Peptide and Amino Acid that help preserve, completely flavor of the Mayonnaise.

Using egg yolks and white yolk for processing mayonnaise will not achieve high results.